Finding a part-time job in London for the student isn’t tricky. London is one of the world’s most diverse cities, and opportunities are boundless. London is also called the home of international students. New students in London always wonder how to find a part-time student job. Finding a job in a new city is always tricky. It takes a while to familiarise yourself with the new town. Also, London is a big city and has plenty to discover. But we will be sharing some tips and tricks to help everyone get a job easily. Student visa have certain work limit restrictions; please check your visa for work limits before you proceed to find employment.

Studying in the UK will be an excellent experience for you that we can bet, but the process is not straightforward. There will always be ups and downs and sometimes many home sicknesses. So doing some occasional jobs may keep you busy and mentally healthy.

Top 5 tips for finding a Part-time Student job in London

  1. Prepare your resume/C.V
  2. Improve contact skills
  3. Be tech-savvy – it’s handy to be familiar with the latest technology
  4. Hungry for success – determination
  5. Attention to detail

Now explore the techniques to find your dream job in London.

Online Job Application

Since you are new to London, finding your desired job is one of the easiest ways. You must have prepared your C.V. for that and keep applying to hundreds of vacancies. The most common jobs you may expect as a student, e.g. Barista, Customer service, Retails Assistant, Crew Members, Waiter/Waitress etc.

Gumtree is one of the most common classified part-time job marketplaces where you can find thousands of local jobs. You can also download JobToday apps to your mobile. JobToday is much easier to apply for temp/occasional employment. Besides, there are thousands of online websites where you can apply for jobs, e.g. Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda, McDonald’s, KFC etc.

Walk-in Job hunting

Another important way to find a job is walking straight to the shops and malls. Make a bunch of C.V.s and take them to central London. In central London, thousands of businesses exist, such as retail, clubs, restaurants, fast food, bar, departmental stores, and takeaways. Go to each shop directly and ask the manager for the available vacancies if they have any. 6 out of 10 get a job in direct walk-in methods. Trust me, and this is one of the unique easy ways to find a part-time job.

U.K. Job Center and recruitment agency

U.K. government has an official Job centre for all types of employment. Search on Google Maps for your local job centre, where you can go directly and use their employment services for free. Jobcentre plus are beneficial to find employment nearby your living or interested areas in London. U.K. job centre plus also offers resume writing and career advice.

Private recruitment agencies could be other solutions to finding a job in London and U.K. But for the part-time job options, there’s not much help you may get from them. Look for temp agencies rather than professional recruitment agencies. Temp agencies provide excellent job opportunities for students. Most private job agencies also offer free job searching services and support. So make sure you don’t pay anyone to get a job.

Study in the UK may bring a unique experience for you, but at the same time, you should also gain some valuable work experience. Happy job hunting. Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments section.