UK Tier 4 student visa application process is not that hard as you may imagine and learn how to apply UK student visa without agent. This blog post for those students who would like to apply for UK student visa without any help from agents or representatives. If you want to study in the UK it is important to know the visa application procedures as well.

UK Tier 4 General student visa is for international students who’s willing to go for a higher studies in the UK and need Tier 4 General student visa. This is a complete Tier 4 student visa processing guide for individual students.

Assuming you’ve been offered a place to study in your desired program from a UK Tier 4 registered sponsor (University/college). Tier 4 registered sponsored is UK Visa & Immigration (UKVI) recognised higher education institutes.

Required documents or information for UK Student Visa Application

Before you start proceeding online UK visa application make sure you’ve the following documents or information

  1. Pre-CAS interview successfully conducted with your sponsor UK University.
  2. A valid admission from UK University called “Conformation for Acceptance for Studies” (CAS) letter with a unique CAS number
  3. All academic certificates & marksheets (O/A Levels or High School qualifications or bachelor degree (if applicable) and necessary secured English language test (SELT) e.g IELTS, TOEFL, In House University English Test report etc.
  4. Student birth certificate (translated in English if original documents in other language)
  5. A Statement of Purpose (SOP) or Letter of Intent of Study in the UK (optional)
  6. Appropriate visa application fees and Immigration health surcharge (IHS) fees payable by credit/debit card online.
  7. Sponsor Financial Declaration Letter (usually parents or student themselves)
  8. 28 days financial bank statement (as per required by UKVI)
  9. TB Test report/Medical Report (if required).

Once you’ve the above documents and informations you are good to apply for visa online. You need to follow simple 5 steps for UK student visa application.

Step 1: Create an online account with UKVI (you need a valid email address for that). Click here to create an account.

Step 2: Start filling up the online visa application form (make sure you provide all information honestly and accurately. Make changes if you do any mistakes. Once you submit there’s no way to change the visa application form. So be careful and review before final submission).

Step 3: Review and submit visa application once all information has been provided. Agree to their terms and conditions and simply follow the instructions.

Step 4: Pay the visa fees Online (for some countries they can even pay the visa fees at VAC in their local currency) & IHS fees (IHS fees must pay online).

Step 5: After submission book your appointment with local Visa Application Center (VAC) using UKVI online appointment systems.

UK Visa application centres then provide additional services where you may submit your documentations, passport delivery and biometric enrolments. The Following two agency conducts UK visa processing services based on region.

  • TLS contact if you are in Europe, Africa and parts of the Middle East
  • VFS global for all other countries

Tier 4 General UK Student Visa Interview

Now that you’ve submitted your visa application online successfully you may need to sit for an Tier 4 credibility interview for visa. This credibility interview is not a mandatory requirements. But based on high risk or low risk application the visa officer may request you for an interview to justify your credibility in terms of whether you’re a genuine student or you are financially capable of studying in the UK without any public funds or your career motivations etc.

UK Student Visa interview

UK Student visa genuine credibility interview often conducts during your document submission or biometric enrolment at the VAC. If don’t take any interview during that stage then you may consider you do not required interview at this stage.

However, caseworkers or visa officer’s may request a credibility interview even at a late date. This usually happens only when the Visa Officer (VO) thinks the applicant doesn’t provided all documents or information they are looking.