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Why students need insurance

Despite their best efforts to maintain security, universities can still have high crime rates. Usually these crimes are more focused on theft. Dormitories and residence halls have shared living spaces which means people coming in and out of a room without any real track of who is in there. Certain items are quite easy to take as today’s electronics are built to be much more compact. They are also expensive to replace. Current estimates place the average value of £4000 for the possessions of the average college students in the UK. Therefore, students should have some sort of insurance coverage for their possessions. Have a look at Endsleigh Student Insurance for example.

Of course, college can be an expensive time in life. Tuition and fees are not cheap. However, given the small price of a student insurance premium, protecting one’s possessions just makes sense. These policies are necessary if living in a residence hall or a flat. Usually insurance companies will permit students to state which items will be covered. This can make the premium amount specific to the student’s need. For instance, you may wish to exclude some items which can make your insurance premium less expensive. For instance, maybe your mobile phone is already covered by your service provider. This could be excluded.

When obtaining student insurance, make sure to carefully read the fine print. Some student insurance policies will not provide coverage when school is not in session. For instance, during winter break, if an item is stolen from a dorm, the policy may not pay. The reason for this is that the risk of theft is greater when the dorms have less residents in them. Also, insurers reason that most students would take these expensive electronic items home with them anyway. Often the general rule is that a student residence, whether a dorm or flat, cannot be unoccupied for more than 35 days. Unoccupied time periods less than this or the stated time frame, would be covered.

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