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What is your future in UK?

United Kingdom is one of the most desireable place for overseas student. Past 3 years since Tier 4 rules been introduced by the UK Boarder Agency  is completely changed international education system in UK. UKBA started grading system to recognise institutes quality and standards so that international student can easily understand the quality of their education provider. But still Tier 4 is mystery to so many overseas students because of its regular changes to the policy and rules.

Lets have a look on major changes to Tier 4 Student immigration system:

  • Introduced education provider licence
  • Work restrictions for international students
  • Post Study Work permit withdrwan
  • Limited Time cap while you study in UK
  • Restrictions to bring dependent
  • Started english language requirements

So many international students in UK are now affected by sudden college/university licence withdraw. This is a fear factor for all international students. For example few weeks back London Metropolitan University has been revoked and suffered at least 2,500 overseas students. A large number of Indian student affected by sudden closure of London Met. Although there is a good sign of maintaining quality education and atmosphere for international students in UK.

How does it impact to you as an International students?

In UK, London is the most wanted city for international students. Tier 4 introduced to stop abusing immigration system and UKBA confirmed we always welcome the best and bright international students in UK.

There are so many people love to say studying in UK is not the best option for you because of so many restrictions but I must say to them UK always welcome bright and genuine students. If you are here to study only then you are not gonna face any problem. But if you think UK is a place to make money and enter as a student then I must say again things are changed and its time to learn here, UK is not a money making country anymore. British degree has a great value world wide and if you decide to really study in UK then welcome to London.


This is SM Nazir Hossain and I'm blogging about Studying in UK alongside my study when I get spare time. I'm passionate about digital marketing and I love to watch cricket, football, cinema. Desired profession Digital Marketing expert. Follow me in twitter @Twitter

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