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UKVI confirm 16 HE College revocation out of 57 private HTS college

UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) confirm 16 privately funded Tier 4 HTS college revocation in a factsheet. On 24 June a bunch of private FE college and 3 university tier 4 licence suspended together and the investigation is on going. In a recent facesheet UK government unveiled 16 college name who’s Tier 4 licence revoked or surrendered by the sponsor.

Which private colleges have had their licence revoked or surrendered on and after 24 June 2014?
1. Alpha Meridian College – Revoked
2. Birmingham Institute of Education Training & Technology – Revoked
3. Bradford College of Management – Surrendered
4. Bradford Metropolitan College – Revoked
5. Britain College – Surrendered

6. College of Excellence Limited – Revoked

7. Eynsford College – Revoked
8. Hammersmith Management College – Revoked
9. Katherine and King’s College of London – Revoked
10.Kinnaird College – Revoked
11.London School of Technology – Revoked
12.Midlands Academy of Business and Technology – Revoked
13.Queensbury College – Revoked
14.Shakespeare College – Revoked
15.Stanfords College UK Ltd – Revoked
16.Superior College London – Revoked
17.UK Business Academy – Revoked
18.West London Business College – Revoked

As at 22 August 15:00
This list is subject to change. For the most up to date information on the status of
these sponsors, please check the sponsor register on the GOV.UK website.

Source: UKVI website

Now the question is what will happen with these 16 college students? Most importantly if any student is involved with the fraud (TOEIC) activities and UKVI get evidence he/she must need to go back to their country. Estimated 5,000 non-EU student will be affected of these revocation. The on going investigation of UKVI didn’t confirm anything about remaining Tier 4 HTS college status whose licence is suspended.

About the victim college students tuition fees refund UKVI said

      Students seeking a refund of any fees will need to discuss this with their educational  institution; the Home Office cannot become involved in these discussions as it is a contractual issue between an individual and their education provider. If an individual feels that they have been the victim of financial fraud then they should contact the Police or seek legal advice.

Students who are still unclear or concerned about their immigration status, can contact our dedicated support line: Home Office on 0114 207 1688 (UK) or 0044 114 207 1688 (outside UK) between 9:00am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday and 9:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday.

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  • ajoy
    August 25, 2014, 5:11 pm Reply

    16 College finally revoked but more to go I guess. What about LSBF and Blake Hall College London? They will come back in the Tier 4 registered sponsor list or not? Please let us know. Thanks.

  • admin
    November 12, 2014, 2:03 am Reply

    Blake Hall College (BHC) London is permanently revoked.

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