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Tier 4 Maintenance or Sponsor fund for International students

This guide is for outside UK students who wants to come in UK and any fresh applicants. This guide only for inside London. Any student interested for outside London has to show a bit lower fees. For more details click here (outside London Maintenance fund)

Tier 4 – Maintenance (funds)

To obtain a visa you now need to show a set amount of money in your bank account. This page provides information on this new requirement

How much money do I need to show?

In order to claim 10 points for maintenance, you will need to show that you have a specific amount of money in your bank account. This money is made up of 2 parts; your tuition fee and your living costs.You will need to show your whole tuition fee for 1 year or the remainder of the fee (the debt to the University/college) if you have paid part of it. If you have paid your fee in full, no money needs to be shown for the tuition fee.


In addition to the fee, you must be able to show you have money for living expenses. The UK Border Agency state that a person must have £1000 per month for either 2 or 9 months. You will therefore need either £2000 (£1000 x 2) or £9000 (£1000 x 9) to cover living expenses.


Example: If your 1 year tuition fees £5000 + 9 months living cost £9000 = £14000 need to show your bank account.


If you paid a part of 1 year fees £3000 then remaining fees is £2000 that means now you need to show(3000 + 9000)= £1200


Again if you paid the full amount of 1 year fees then £0.00 remaining tuition fees. That means you need to show your living expense £9000 only in your bank account.

For how long I need to show the money in Bank account?

A student need to show the accurate amount of money (see example above) for a 28 days period. That means the amount of money has to be in your bank account 28 consecutive days. Within this 28 days you cann’t withdraw the required amount of money but can deposit more money.

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