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Northumbria University opening London Campus

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Like many others Northumbria University opening another campus in the heart of UK's financial capital London in 2014. QA Higher [...]

210 Tier 4 Highly Trusted Sponsor suspended or revoked in 2013


Since 10th December 2012 to 24th December 2013 total 210 Tier 4 registered sponsored lost their licence from UKBA. Till [...]

List of Tier 4 registered sponsor

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List of Tier 4 registered Sponsor in 2012. This tier 4 list may change at any time without any notice [...]

What happen if your college has Tier 4 Legacy sponsor


I know you heard about 'A' trusted, 'B' trusted sponsor and Highly Trusted Sponsor but many of you maybe didn't [...]

University of Ulster got new campus in London


University of Ulster now in London. University of Ulster (UOU) London campus is near at Holborn. The Ulster University who [...]

Study in Business and Law in a Highly Trusted Sponsor listed college


Are you missed out this year for your university graduation? If you haven't yet secured a university place, don't tensed! [...]