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Studying Accounting! Compare Companies Financial Data

Coming to study in the UK from overseas is an incredibly exciting time when you will have a lot to think about including which university to go to, which course to choose, where you are going to live and how to obtain funding if necessary.

Accounting and Finance degrees are very popular, many students wish to understand more about money, business and management and how these three intertwine in the world at present. In these uncertain economic times, it has never been more important for new graduates to come out of university with as much knowledge and as many skills as possible.

Whether you choose to do an undergraduate or postgraduate course, you will want to feel equipped to deal with tutorials, lectures, case studies, essays and exams in order to fulfil your maximum potential. This will often mean researching different elements in depth and working independently to find information, not necessarily in library books.

Analysing company accounts and financials can be a great way to broaden your expertise and you might want to do this before you even begin studying as a way of boosting your general knowledge so that you can impress fellow students and lecturers as soon as you start. Standing out from the crowd is an essential aspect of getting noticed and will also boost your chances of getting a job once
your degree is complete.

You can make comparisons between different companies, examining elements such as the turnover, profit and loss accounts, balance sheets and liabilities, to name just a few useful figures. In addition the latest share prices from the London stock exchange and FTSE listed companies are updated every 15 minutes, meaning you will really be getting up to the minute information. If your interest
is in investments you can find out how much a company invested in a business and the percentage they control.

Be at the top of your class and do some careful research, whether you are just interested or you need that crucial essay mark.

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