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Regents College London – A world of opportunity

Regent’s College London has three specialist schools that teach at undergraduate level. Two schools offer UK degrees; the third school follows the US education system and allows students to gain an American degree in the centre of London.image_section

  • European Business School London
  • Regent Business School London
  • Regent American London

Regent’s College London is the largest college of private Higher Education in the UK, and one of the most internationally diverse, with more than 100 different student nationalities currently represented. Located in central London in beautiful Regent’s Park, they offer a secure and peaceful campus environment.

Now we will discuss about Regent Business School London


RBS London is a dynamic school with an action-centred and practical focus. We ensure that you will benefit from small class sizes, high levels of personal support and attention; contemporary programmes that meet the requirements of a rapidly changing business world; strong global focus to all subjects; the opportunity to engage in experiential learning through role play, business simulation, business competitions, and teamwork and leadership workshops; and the opportunity to study abroad.

RBS London offer 3 year BA (Hons) degrees in Global Management (with optional specialisations in Business Management; Design Management, Financial Management; Marketing Management; and Sustainability Management) and Leisure Management (with optional specialisations in Entertainment Management; Sports Management and Tourism Management).

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