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Students suffering for college down and cheating agency

Toady I’m going to write about of my recent experience from my Rss and Email readers and some other students. A large number of international students are fall in ocean beacuse of their chosen college lose their Tier 4 status.  As a result they are not getting entry clearence from the Uk Border Agency.

Everyday I got some email with different kind of problem. I always try to help them as much as I can but few of those problem are really painful. When a student decided to study in uk, arranged every necessary steps and finally cheated by agency or college then she/he don’t have any more hope. But ultimately looser is YOU (student), gainer is college/agency. But why its happening regularly, did you ever ask you before?

Please as I mentioned before, if you really wants to study in uk then enquiry yourself, find out the requirements, refund policy of the college if you refused, pay by yourself (don’t give money to agency directly), make sure their Tier 4 status and finally take decision.

From the last couple of months I got email most of the regarding ”College has been suspended from Tier 4 , therefore VISA delay, decision pending, frastutaion, tution fees paid and how can I get back my money etc.”

Some Common Questions and Answer: Please Read it carefully

  1. My College/institute suspended from Tier 4 and I’m waiting for to reinstate. What should I do now? Ans: This is really fraustrating for everyone. But you have to take decision quickly if you don’t want to waste your time. My advise is withdrawn your VISA application and withdraw your paid tution fees as early as possible before its too late. Because even the college get back their licence, they will not get back same licence before they had. Intially they will get B rating and this B rating institute can not afford 30 points to get your visa under PBS system.
  2. College suspended and I paid tution fees, can I get back my tution fees? Ans: It depeneds on the circumstance. If your college policy. Please before paying money read prorpely college refund policy. But sometimes its possible by negotiating with proper authority.
  3. My college is B rating. Do I have any chance to get visa/entry clearence? Ans: This is a complicated question because I’m not decision maker but chance is very less with B rating institute. Yes you do. But very ver less. As per Ukba condition you need minimum 40 points to be qualified for visa or entry clearence.
  4. How can I check college or university tier 4 status? Ans: I wrote a article about check tier 4 status or ‘A’ trusted or highly trusted previously but still a lot of reader ask me different institutes tier 4 status. Please read The London Study throughly, you’ll get a lot of information.

Please ask anything by comments and replay those answer if you know it. Share your knowledge and information that other’s can be benifited from it. I hope The London Study is on the right way to help you. Please subscribe us (Make sure you verify your email address otherwise you cann’t get feed news) for regular updates and follow us Twitter.

This is SM Nazir Hossain and I'm blogging about Studying in UK alongside my study when I get spare time. I'm passionate about digital marketing and I love to watch cricket, football, cinema. Desired profession Digital Marketing expert. Follow me in twitter @Twitter

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  • world cup live streaming
    June 26, 2010, 1:20 pm Reply

    This is informative but I’ve a question about spouse visa. Can I bring my wife if I’m in Tier 4 and can my dependent work full time? Please let me know.


    • jimance_b25
      June 26, 2010, 1:24 pm Reply

      First of all thank you for a great article. world cup live streaming, yes you can bring your wife while you study in uk. Dependent can work full time if your course is degree level.

      Thank you

      • admin
        June 29, 2010, 1:13 am Reply

        Thank you for your conversation.

  • Nazar
    November 12, 2010, 1:05 am Reply

    Daear Sir/Madam,
    Iam Nazar,A Sri lankan Student.I like to study in UK , My living cost and Accomadation fees if i deposit only up to 28 days, after copleting 28th day if I withdraw some amount of money ,will arrise any Problam with ECO ?
    Thnan you

    • admin
      November 12, 2010, 8:03 pm Reply

      Dear Nazar

      Thanks for your comments. Yes if you do it then no problem generally. But for more clarification its better not to withdraw any money until you get any decision.

  • zulfiqar
    June 14, 2011, 12:33 pm Reply

    Dear sir/madam,
    My name is zulfiqar, im from pakistan, i was a student of London College of Advance Studies, my college has been finished, becuase my college have no funds to run, thats why they are going to close, i have paid full fee, please help me where can i go to luanch a comlain against college. they took my money and leave me alon.
    Thank you

  • reena george
    September 20, 2011, 10:31 pm Reply

    hi my name is cousin she is 17 in india would like to come here and study medicine.what are the basic requirements?which is the useful website to know more about study in uk?

    • admin
      September 23, 2011, 4:57 am Reply

      She needs to complete at least ‘A’ level or similar education for further under graduation in UK plus very good score in IELTS.


  • Matiullah
    July 14, 2012, 3:39 pm Reply

    My name is Matiullah I am from Afghanistan, my visa application was refused for 5 times. First two was misunderstanding between Ministry of Education Afghanistan and British High Commission so they refused my application under 320 A (TEN YEAR BAN) for submitting fake documents.
    Then I get solicitor advice so then I paid huge amount to Solicitor they convinced British High Commission that my documents are 100% genuine. so then Embassy give me a chance to re-apply and overturn refusal from 320 7A to normal refusal ground 245 ZV, so then I re-applied but again come with new refusal with no immigration act on me “We are unable to verify your documents as per guidance we are refusing your visa application. ”

    then I decide why should I waste my time and money again again I called college to refund my fee but they also want to benefit from situation and make a new refusal letter while it was absolutely different at time when I paid my fee…

    Now my college sent me a new refund policy that we can’t pay your fee if British Embassy can’t verify your documents…

    Need your help and advice?

    Thanks and Have a great day

    October 16, 2012, 5:29 pm Reply

    My name is sarathy ,i paid fees for the college in last year but they didnt issue the CAS letter,now the college is closed .the chairman of the college is indian and the college is a rental building no one is there where should i need to complaint and what should i mention in complaint letter and how to get the money.

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