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Students financial loan for Uk students


British students always get the best solution from the government. British govt.  providing huge finance for higher education and enabling people to make the most of their talents and improving their life opportunities. Uk government planning to spend over £5 billion on student support this year, and even more next year.

How it will happen: If anybody studies for full-time, the main source of financing are

  • Students loans and grants from the government
  • bursaries form college or university

Financial loan fro students from the government: All qualified students can get help with tuition fees and living costs through Student Loans.

Every students will able to receive two Students loan per academic year:

  • a Student Loan for Tuition Fees – to cover the cost of your tuition fees in full
  • a Student Loan for Maintenance – to help with accommodation and other living costs (how much you get depends on your household income)

How to repay the loans:

Student Loans must be paid back – but you don’t must start making repayments until you’ve left your course and are earning over £15,000.

Once your earnings reach this repayment start, you’ll pay back 9% of whatever you earn over £15,000. If you’re due to start paying back your Student Loans from April 2012, you’ll have the option of taking a repayment break of one or two years.

Accommodation costs: Maintenance allowance and Special Support allowance

All over a third of new students are expected to certify for the full Maintenance allowance or Special Support allowance, and around a further third for a partial allowance.

Bursariesstudents finance

Bursaries are extra sources of help from your university or college. Institutions in England will offer at least a minimum bursary payment if you’re getting the full Maintenance Grant or Special Support Grant.

Allowance and bursaries don’t be obliged repaid.

More about finance for full-time students

Follow the link below for a more detailed guide to what’s available.

Finance for full-time students starting in 2009/2010

Source of information: Uk Government, Google

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  • dupsieflashy
    January 6, 2010, 9:57 pm Reply

    Hi, this is a truly beautiful blog, well done! I can imagine the amount of efforts that must have gone done here. You’re really doing a good job.

    About the finance, how about including finance information for non-UK students as well? Most likely they’ll be the ones needing information about studying in London, so I wanna assume they’ll form the larger part of the traffic to this site.

  • S M Nazir Hossain
    January 8, 2010, 6:49 pm Reply

    Thanks for you comments.

    As per international students (non-uk) visa rules and regulation they can’t receive any public fund. But on the other hand who is citizen of European Union they will get some financial benefit from recognized public fund.

    Yes, But international student can apply for scholarship to their own institute. I’ll add some article about scholarships definitely .

  • Sohni Farrukh
    January 24, 2012, 10:52 am Reply

    Hey i m applying for a transfer to England from Pakistan, but i need a student loan. There are none available in Pakistan, but if a UK resident co-signs my loan can i get a loan from England?

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