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Student Insurance for Laptops, Mobiles and More

Most students rent rooms in university halls or private residences, which tend to have insurance that covers the building structures but which doesn’t extend to students’ possessions. Students may believe they’re not in the kind of financial bracket to worry about insurance – but without it – they’re open to risks such as damage, theft and accidental loss of personal computers and other electronics, sports and travel equipment and electronics such as laptops and mobile phones. On a student’s budget, these items are not always easy to replace.

While many home owners buy standard cover that protects from fire, lightning and flood, and then select from additional cover that protects certain assets, students renting private or university accommodation need to worry only about their personal possessions. Leading insurance providers offer cover for tenants so they can protect valuable items without having to pay unnecessary insurance costs.

There is a wide range of possessions that are covered under student insurance plans including cars and bicycles, meaning students who are on a budget can ensure that their means of transport are safe. Sports players and musicians can insure against injury and loss or damage of equipment. Those going on gap years, exchanges and summer holidays can also get student travel insurance.

Insurance is useful for students who have just left home and are adjusting to communal living. One of the lessons many students learn is to lock away valuable items. They also quickly learn to do laundry, pay bills and take care of laptops, music players and mobile phones. Many students attending university have musical instruments, sports equipment, textbooks and other items that require looking after.

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