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Rules been tighten for Uk student visa

Uk Border Agency going to apply few more tighten rules for Student Visa.  New visa strategy will bring a new way to stop abusing student visa. After a long controversy and much debate finally Uk Border Agency and policy makers concluded with some new idea. Its interesting that still that came against general student.

Many of these students, if they are coming here using this route for illegal migration, will pay thousands of pounds to usually criminal gangs

Home Secretary Alan Johnson confirmed at a BBC interview that they have stroke out almost 200 colleges declaring as bogus those was suspended recently.  Again at the interview Sir Johnson revealed that

  • Students arriving from Non-EU countries will require a very high standard of English language. Not that what was accepted a while before but the minimal standard will be that of only just below GCSE standard, rather than beginner level as at present.
  • Students taking courses below degree level will be allowed to work for only 10 hours a week, instead of 20 as at present
  • Students will not be allowed to bring dependants into the country those course which last under six months.
  • Moreover, visas for courses below degree level with a work placement will also be granted only if the institutions they attend are on a new register, the Highly Trusted Sponsors List

So, it appears the scenario has changed a lot and students should be more aware before planning to study in uk.

This is SM Nazir Hossain and I'm blogging about Studying in UK alongside my study when I get spare time. I'm passionate about digital marketing and I love to watch cricket, football, cinema. Desired profession Digital Marketing expert. Follow me in twitter @Twitter

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    Dear Hossain,
    I read the topic on highly trusted sponsor so thanks. i understand what is it. Budy your blog is really awesoem i get a alot of info on it so thank you sooooo much for this.

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