Overseas Student recruitment held at University of Sunderland London Campus

Last week a shocking news published by Times Higher Education regarding Sunderland London campus status. In my opinion the heading was very catchy ‘University of Sunderland suspends recruitment at London campus’ and as a result many students though University of Sunderland Tier 4 licence suspended. This is important to understand University of Sunderland Tier 4 licence didn’t suspended or revoked. It just Sunderland London campus further admission or recruitment suspended until UKVI visa fraud investigation ends. Many student get misguided by rumours that University of Sunderland Tier 4 licence suspended which is 100% not true. University of Sunderland hold Tier 4 Highly Trusted Premium sponsorship.

Now many of our reader and fans asked questions. So please see the frequently asked questions about University of Sunderland London campus.

I’m a existing Sunderland London Campus student so what will happen to me?

As I said Universtiy  of Sunderland Tier 4 licence didn’t neither suspended nor revoked. So you are completely fine to continue study and work as per immigration rules.

I’ve paid my fees for August or October intake and even got visa from my home country?

Yes, you are not able to travel to United Kingdom. I believe by the mean time you have received email from the University already what to do in next.

What about my tuition fees which I already paid?

Your tuition full tuition fees will refund which you already paid. For this contact with the Sunderland London campus office.

Is there any impact on my graduation certificate? As I already been awarded certificate from University of Sunderland?

No, there’s no impact if you already graduated and also if you are already studying with Sunderland London campus there’s no problem at all.

I’m an existing student and I’m on holiday in my country. Can I come back to UK and resume my class again?

Yes, of course. There’s no problem with that.

Is there any other University in risk or danger like University of Sunderland London campus?

This is difficult to tale but QAA launched 14 London branch campus investigation and I can’t tell you exactly which university is in danger.

How do I check my college or University Tier 4 licence current status?

Its simple. Simply click the link here to see the updated sponsored licence list 

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  • mohibullah
    September 11, 2014, 10:29 am Reply

    I completed my HND in management now I want to do top up,is there issuing any cas for octember semester..?

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