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No work rights for Tier 4 students in Public Funded College

Thousands of Tier 4 (Non-EU) students will lose rights to work 10 hours weekly in public funded colleges while studying in UK. Private college students aren’t allowed to work while studying in UK already and now Theresa May announced new rules for FE colleges. Evidence shown FE colleges using a pathway to work in Britain under student visa. The government has taken very strict policy to reduce net migration below thousand hundred.

No work permit for Tier 4college students

No work rights for Tier 4 students studying in UK Colleges (private & public funded both).

As a result restrictions on Tier 4 international students visa status keep coming very frequently. Students are very concern and they are losing hope to continuing their studies in UK.

Brokenshire said there had been signs of increased fraud at some publicly funded colleges and evidence of immigration advisers advertising college visas as a means to work in Britain.

What is changing?

In a recent written statement from Immigration Minister James Brokenshire on 13 Jul 2015.

  • Restriction on work right: New students at publicly funded colleges will be prevented from being able to work in the UK, in order to bring their working rights in line with those of international students at private colleges. In the autumn, college students will be unable to switch to a work visa or extend their study visa whilst they are in the UK, whilst protecting students at embedded colleges who will progress onto study at a higher education institution.
  • Academic Progression: The rules around academic progression are being tightened so that university students are only permitted to extend their studies at the same academic level if the course they wish to study is linked to their previous course, or the university confirms the course supports the student’s career aspirations. To help ensure international students are progressing academically the time limit on further education study will be reduced from three years to two years in the autumn.
  • Maintenance fund: The maintenance requirement for Tier 4 students is increasing, along with the maximum amount paid for accommodation which can be offset against the maintenance requirement, to bring them in line with 2015 rates. A rule around established presence which allowed students applying to extend their leave within the UK to show only two months’ maintenance is being removed.
  • CAP Limit: The application of the rules on time limits is being clarified so that the time a student has already spent studying in the UK is calculated using the full length of the leave they have previously been granted.

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