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New Tier 4 immigration rules from October 2013

UKBA announced new updates about changes to the immigration rules including Tier 4 students from 1st October 2013. From now on ‘English credibility’ test will be extended to Tier 4 Visa extension applicants as well. That means students who is already in UK and applying for Tier 4 visa extension might face refusal on based of English language skills. This special power has been introducing from 1st October 2013. We are assuming UK Home office will make telephone or in person interview where they believe the Tier 4 applicants english language credibility in doubt.

How UKBA conduct Interview

The idea is clear. If a student cannot speak standard level of english their Tier 4 visa extension application will be refused. Though in new ‘statement of changes’ didn’t confirmed how they will asses applicant can’t speak standard level of English but as per general idea from overseas applicant (outside UK) where they ask for interview.

Inside UK this is hard for them to call face to face interview for all Tier 4 Visa extension applicant. Instead for calling face to face interview in UK, visa officer might call them over phone and take an interview. Even it is not impossible that UKHO will not ask for face to face interview. All depends on merit of the application we believe.

So even though if you have a CERF B2 level english test result like City & Guilds, TOEIC or Cambridge ESOL or PTE or IELTS they might call you for interview if they want and believe they need to take interview. So you better be prepared.

Note: UKHO will call for interview is not confirmed. This is our assumption so please do not get tempted. Just be prepared yourself and believe in yourself. All the best.

New immigration changes for students  in brief:

  • making it easier for graduate entrepreneurs to switch into Tier 2;
  • introducing powers to refuse Tier 4 extension applications where the applicant cannot speak English;
  • expanding checks to ensure applicants for work and student visas are genuine, and that they intend to meet the conditions of leave they apply for;
  • allowing some students to work as interns under the Tier 5 government authorised exchange scheme.

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  • sudan
    September 17, 2013, 1:40 pm Reply

    If UKBA call every student for interview how it will work. If I have B2 still they will refuse visa. Its not good. UK Government playing with international students.

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