Minor Changes in Immigration Rules for Tier 4 Student Visa 2014

UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) also know as UKBA recently made some minor immigration changes from March to July 2014 for Tier 4 Student visa. The changes has very limited impact in the current immigration rules.

Recent changes in Tier 4 Student visa’s are

New Country list for TB Testing: 7 New country added for Tuberculosis. Algeria, Belarus, Bhutan, Burma, Iraq, Sri Lanka and Ukraine will be added to the list of countries whose nationals need to take a tuberculosis (TB) test at an approved clinic before applying for a Tier 4 visa to come to the UK for a course of 6 months or more. Effecting from 31st March 2014.

New Acceptable Bank in Bangladesh: UKVI added one more new Bangladeshi bank for any point based visa to the UK. Newly added bank ‘Prime Bank Limited. Effecting from 6 April 2014.

Tier 4 Dependents work restrictions: New restrictions will be applicable for Tier 4 PBS dependents. The work conditions for a Tier 4 dependant will add a restriction on working as a professional sports player or coach. The Home Office has explained that this restriction is “designed to prevent applicants from circumventing the requirement to be endorsed by the relevant UK sports governing body in the dedicated [sponsored work visa] categories.”

New Application Fees: New application fees effecting from 1st July 2014. Details are given below.

Type of application Current amount New amount from 1 July 2014
 Tier 4 (General) studying in Inner London  £1000 £1020
 Tier 4 (General) studying Outer London  £800  £820
 Tier 4 (Child) staying with carer / close relative  £550  £560
 Tier 4 (Child), under 12 accompanied by a parent  £1500  £1535
 Tier 4 (Child), under 12 accompanied by a parent, each additional child £600  £615
 Tier 4 (Child), aged 16 or 17, living independently and studying in inner London  £900  £920
 Tier 4 (Child), aged 16 or 17, living independently and studying outer London  £700  £715
 Tier 4 (Child), under 16 or not living independently:  £550  £560
 Dependant of Tier 4 (General)studying in Inner London:  £600  £615
 Dependant of Tier 4 (General)studying Outer London  £450  £460


[box type=”bio”] Highlights: 1. which nationalities need a tuberculosis (TB) test before applying for a visa 2. how much money a Tier 4 applicant or their dependant needs to show, and the maximum deduction for accommodation fees already paid to the Tier 4 sponsor 3. A new “acceptable” bank in Bangladesh 4. Three (3) new “low risk” nationalities, and a change for all “low risk” nationals 5. ATAS clearance for a Tier 4 Doctorate Extension Scheme application changes to the visa national list 6. A change to the work restriction for Tier 4 dependants[/box]

Few more additional changes in Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur. Keep checking this page for further update.

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    I am writing from Bangladesh i need to know actual news for tire 4 students visa rules 2015 for Bangladeshi students.Please let me know all about of this. Thanks

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