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International (Tier 4) Students vs British Conservative Party

I’ve never been involved with politics neither I had any interest but I just can’t resist myself to write something about British Conservative Party’s actions to overseas students. What I feel sorry for Conservative party is I’m so sorry. Because their last UK general election manifesto was to reduce net migration. So the picture is very clear they can’t kick out EU or EEA members easily to reduce net migrant due to many many legal, political or economical issues. So who can be the best ‘NUTS’! Hell yeah its non-EU students. Very easy to eliminate them by introducing or amending immigration policy.

PSW & Tier 2 Employment:

Start by closing Post Study Work (PSW) permit for overseas students and introducing Tier 2 work permit which is controversial. Spokesman said PSW abused the immigration systems but recent Home office actions to Tier 2 category found many irregularities among sponsors and recent Tier 4 graduates.  They set a minimum wage for £21,500 to sponsor a non-eu students. If a recent Tier 4 graduate find a job their job level must be at level 6. Clearly many sponsors recruiting Tier 4 graduates without any genuine qualifications. They are paying £10-15K to the company under the table and sponsoring for Tier 2 employment visa’s.

Sunday Express news prove it clearly Tier 2 is a complete disaster.

A crackdown by immigration officials discovered more than 2,500 immigrants were given visas for jobs which either did not exist or were completely different from those advertised.

Examples include a takeaway claiming it needed a PR manager, a full-time human resources manager for an off-licence with just three staff, and two “family therapists” at what turned out to be a Thai massage parlour.

University and Colleges unwilling to admit Tier 4 students in postgraduate courses

There’s no official rules and policy by the Home office that an international student who’s been studying in UK can’t take second postgraduate degree (such as a student has done MSc in Networking and now willing to go and finish his MBA or want to specialisation in Business for further career development). This is what happening exactly if any overseas students have a NQF/QCF Level 7 Masters degree they are not accepting by any university for their additional Masters degree if they willing to study which is really ridiculous. Not all the Universities but maximum number of college and Uni’s are unwilling to recruit students who’s got a postgraduate degree already.

Institute’s officials indirectly told many students this is because Home office instructed them not to take any students who’s willing to do 2nd masters degree. They want them (Tier 4 Students in UK) to leave United Kingdom and reduce net migration I guess.

Withdraw appeal right for Tier 4 Students:

Such a shame and worst news for overseas students in UK when Home office introduced no appeal rights for Tier 4 General, Tier 4 Child and their dependent category visa refusal can’t make any appeal from last year 20 October 2014. Instead appeal they given Administrative review which is more likely to get refuse again. The minimum human rights has been withdrawn for the international students. Overseas students come across thousands of miles away from their home and relaying on the best British education systems where they see its actually not giving them fair chances. Rather than giving fair chances UK Government dictating to the overseas student by amending or introducing many immigration rules which affecting Tier 4 students directly or indirectly.


Many news media and politicians declared Conservative party’s target to net migration won’t fulfil by this year’s general election in may.  But again I’ve to say international students became the easiest target for them to reduce the net migration and their attempt is completely failed. They don’t ignore Non-EU students brings Billions of pounds to their economy each year but they seems blind to see overseas students contribution to the British economy. By the name of protecting their border, visa abuses, removing illegal immigrants, cutting net migrants and so on they actually used international students to achieve their dirty political commitments. I must say Non-EU students became their victims and honestly we are helpless to the government. After all we are immigrants (limited human rights and opportunities being international students). So there’s many way I think we (Tier 4 Students) are the main opposition for the British Conservative Party because so far they are the only political party in British Government history who targeted international students as their enemy.

If you have more thoughts or opinion about this blog post please feel free to make comments and share your views with me.

This is SM Nazir Hossain and I'm blogging about Studying in UK alongside my study when I get spare time. I'm passionate about digital marketing and I love to watch cricket, football, cinema. Desired profession Digital Marketing expert. Follow me in twitter @Twitter

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  • Mehru
    February 24, 2015, 3:36 am Reply

    That’s 100 %true. Infact they treated students like criminals..they are liable to compensate the students with all the financial damages caused to them due to their unfair actions during the last 5 years…

  • kalpana
    December 16, 2015, 11:59 am Reply

    i would ask conservative to remove first illegal people from uk if they have capability to do that to reduce net migration.they don’t think whether student contribute more or illegal people in Uk? students bring millions in uk what illegals bloody do? it’s just dirty politics in uk to influence people for vote…

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