HTS is a joke now! Even UK Universities are not safe now

International students in UK are hugely frustrated for UK Visa & Immigration (UKVI) recent striker Tier 4 immigration policy and large number of college/university Tier 4 licence suspension. As you can see our title ‘HTS is a joke now! Even UK Universities are not safe now’ written by a fan of The London Study in our Facebook fan page.

International students concern about their future in UK.

International students concern about their future in UK.

Of course the frustration among students are really very high. Many overseas students are now planning to leave UK without finishing their studies. Student can’t believe any college no matter how reputable they are due to the sudden suspension news of HTS licence. An international student from India (not interested to expose his identity) said ‘I’ve come to study NQF Level 5 BTEC HND in Computing 3 years back. In last 3 years I changed 3 college because his all three college revoked every year. Whenever the college get revoked UKVI sent him 60 days notice to change the sponsor. His all college revoked in between his studies and as a result no academic progress.  That does mean he had lost his tuition fees every single time and not a single college refunded his tuition fees. He added he spend more than £15,000 and now he can’t ask his parents to send more money for study. He decided to return India.


  I spend £15,000 for my study in last 3 years in UK. I had to change 3 college. Now I lost all money, time and my dream. I just want to get out from this country (UK)

Tier 4 Student.

I asked him why you didn’t get admission in University when most of private colleges are not trustworthy. He answered I had a dream to study in London. My parents had limited budget for my overseas education so I’ve decided to study in college where tuition fees is affordable. So literally if students from overseas cann’t afford British university fees then ovviously they need to find alternative but the reality of Private HE sector in UK is really a big big headache.

If you are experiencing about similar problems (dodgy college or agent or anything related to your study in UK) you can write in our blog to share your experience. Interested student please send your story to info@thelondonstudy.com and make sure at least 300 words you write to eligible your article in our blog.

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    August 4, 2014, 5:41 pm Reply

    Ukva is playing games with students. Each and every time ukva suspended college with silly reason . They should realise as a student it is so difficult to apply again new sponser. As there have need a big budget to apply again for new sponsers.

  • Mr
    August 5, 2014, 1:22 am Reply

    Where’s gone human rights organization,
    Keep justifies in United Kingdom pls
    International students did not approved HTS,how come T4 refuse to students to give CAS letter if student provide evidence according T4 policy guidance,
    T4 only responsible study hours He can’t ask to students his private life student staying with girl friend or doing job night time,end of day international students are human by birth,

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