How to avoid Tier 4 UK Student visa refusal

Tier 4 UK student visa refusal or rejection is one of the most common inquiry we get everyday from our blog readers and fans in facebook. Many students ask what is the percentage or ratios of visa approval. Usually these sort of question comes from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lankan students. South asian students have a extra fear in their mind of getting UK visa refusal.

We can’t give you any ratio or percentage of visa approval. It depends on many factors and circumstances. But what we can advise you is how to avoid your Tier 4 UK student visa. Honestly getting an UK student visa is really easy if you are genuine student.

Many south asian student wants to come in UK for making money and use student visa as a gateway. UK government found it as extremely dangerous and taken many steps to protect bogus student in the United Kingdom. The student visa system is abusing and therefore tighten up the immigration rules for overseas students under Tier 4 student visa immigration policy.

Now lets come to the point, ”how to avoid student visa refusal”. We will give you 5 easy steps to stay away from rejection and we believe if you  follow the guideline your chances will increase by 70%.

Step 1: What do you want to study and where?

Of course you have a target or goal when you decided to study in UK. Decide in which area of field (subject) you would like to study in UK such as Business, Arts, Computing, Hospitality, Accounting or Finance, Medical, Engineering, Science etc. When you confirmed your subject now its time to find your education institute (University/College) according to your chosen subject. When you search for a college or Uni keep in mind about the fees, facilities, resources, location,

Step 2: Prepare for English language test 

Very very important for Tier 4 student visa in UK. You need to fulfill the English language requirements by the UKVI. Remember if you good IELTS score its easy to get admission and visa too. I would recommend at least 6.5 overall is a good IELTS score to get visa. Even students get visa on 5.5 avg. band score but 6.5 will boost your confidence.

Step 3: Your budget and finance
You need to know your annual expenses such as accommodation, tuition fees, pocket money etc. If you are dreaming to do part-time job here in UK and cover your Tuition fees and living expenses at the same time I must say stop dreaming it. This is very hard to manage. Immigration office also may ask about your financial conditions like who’s sponsoring you and whats your sponsors earning sources etc n at the interview stage.

Be smart to answer. Don’t just say your parents sponsoring and in return they will definitely  ask your parents earning sources. Such as how much they earn or what they do etc. I will advise you to not to answer exact income of your parents. You can answer you don’t know their annual income because your parents never disclose their earning amount of money.

Step 4: Know your rights and immigration Law

This is not something you always rely on agents or your consultants. You better search on internet to know more about Tier 4 UK student visa immigration. Because its little bit with complexity and keep changing always. So you should know whats your rights and whats not. Such as you are not allowed to do part-time job if you study in a college rather than a University. It is your duty to find Tier 4 registered sponsor and make sure your college/university is Highly Trusted Sponsor. So keep yourself updated. You may join our Facebook fan page to get all the latest updates www.facebook.com/TheLondonStudy

Step 5: Interview

Now hold your nerve. 68% of visa refusal reason is not being confident and miss communication. You should understand properly what is the question and answer wisely. Sometime it happens because of poor English communication. Don’t be afraid or get nervous when you face interview. Be confident and make sure you are aware about your course and college information if they ask anything about it.

The following 5 simple steps will help you to boost your confidence and make you to chose the right decision on time. For everything you need a proper plan to execute it perfectly. Still if you have any questions in mind don’t hesitate to drop a comment below.

This is SM Nazir Hossain and I'm blogging about Studying in UK alongside my study when I get spare time. I'm passionate about digital marketing and I love to watch cricket, football, cinema. Desired profession Digital Marketing expert. Follow me in twitter @Twitter

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  • Dr. Shonal
    June 4, 2014, 4:15 pm Reply

    My name is Dr. Shonal. I am an Indian citizen and I have graduated from Russia in 2010.
    Last time I had applied for a UK tourist visa in 2010, it got rejected because of lack of funds and educational documents.

    This time I want to apply for student visa, I want to study MBA in London. London school of business and finance provides annual scholarship and I am applying for it. It will be for a full tuition fee waiver.
    1. My question is that while applying for the visa this time, should I tell them about my previous refusal?
    2. I have done my entire education in English, starting from KG to medicine, and have always excelled in my academics, do I still need to take IELTS exam or is there a way I can apply for exemption?
    3. My tuition fee will be waived as part of the scholarship, if I show a relative who stays and work in London and has her own accommodation (where I would be staying) and plus if I show around 5,000 pounds in my bank account, would it be enough or there are still chances of visa refusal?
    4. Lastly, I have graduated in Medicine, but want to do MBA in Finance, would that raise a suspicion in the mind of the immigration officer?

    Awaiting your reply.

    Thanking You

    Most sincerely,
    Dr. Shonal

  • Ruhin bay ramov
    September 24, 2014, 5:22 pm Reply

    Hi Dr Shonal
    1. Yes you do need to tell them about you visa refusal and tell them the reason why you have been refused. If you get all your documents in-order for TIER 4 visa, being refused before will not affect you. If you get caught lying to the UKVI you will get refused again.
    2. If you get a letter from you previous University confirming that you did all you studies in English you may not require to submit any IELTS. it depends of the school you are applying to.
    3. as an adult you do not have to mention where you will be staying, but you do need to show them you have min of 1020 per month (9 month max) for inner london and 820 per month for outer london boroughs.That makes 9180 Pounds per year for london.It has to be in you bank account for over 28 days and you need to mention it clearly.
    4. if you have been admitted by the university Immigration office will not make it a problem.

  • Saputro
    June 15, 2015, 4:38 am Reply


    I am from Indonesia. I have managed to complete all of the documents required for applying Visa (Tier 4) including CAS, TB Screening Result, Passport, Transcript, IELTS etc.
    However, I am afraid that my visa application will be refused due to my finger’s temporary injury which occurred when my finger print was being scanned in IELTS registration. Do i need to take another IELTS test to ensure my visa application granted?


    • suresh
      November 24, 2015, 6:31 am Reply

      I have a refusal of student visa. If i apply again to any other University again will i be granted student visa? my ielts overall score is 6 and 5.5 minimum in all the modules.and how should i sow my finance?

  • Khan
    June 27, 2015, 9:37 pm Reply

    I am applying for Tier 4 (General) visa.

    I was refused study visa to Germany last year with reasons 1. Your degree can not be completed in given time and 2. You are not fully prepared. (Lack of German Language Skills may be). Now my question is will last refusal by Germany affect my visa application to UK?

  • Imran
    July 15, 2015, 11:53 pm Reply

    I got the admission in one of the best institute in UK but due to my low score in IELTS which is 5.5 overall I need to go for PAE for 6 months before going to the main course. i want ti know that Im a geniune student and mg intentions are just to go for higher studies and I fulfilled all the requirements like cas from the university maintained bank statement on my name fathers financially supporting docuements and reasonable knowledge about the uk n university and course etc. so in the ase visa officer can refuse my visa due to my IELTS although university accepts me and issued me the pae cas.?

  • Kamal
    July 23, 2015, 5:51 pm Reply

    At the begining I was awarded with DAAD scholarship Germany to study postgraduate course and got visa. After that I was offered a erasmus mundus scholarship of european commission to study in Bangor University UK. My interest is on Bangor university. Please tell me do I have problem to get UK visa because of unused German Visa ?
    Another query is that the erasmus mundus scholarship will pay college fee and will provide me 1000 euro per month for living expenses. Due to fluctuation of Euro over pound, 1000 euro per month isnot sufficient as I looked student visa guide of Bangor University it is clearly stated that 820 pound per month is required for living expenses. At that situation can i get UK visa ? The university has already sent me the CAS letter. But While asking for the coordinator of the scholarship program, he told me that it doesnt create problem. Is it true ?

    • Bidisha Paul
      October 30, 2016, 5:56 pm Reply

      Did you get your visa ?

  • Kamal Raj Aryal
    August 3, 2015, 11:27 am Reply

    Thanks for your suggestion last time. My query is that I have unused German visa (Student visa) which is valid for three month from July 30, 2015. I have interest to study in UK. Does my unused German visa create a problem to get UK visa ?

    • admin
      August 8, 2015, 3:06 pm Reply

      Literally not but it may affect to the UK Entry Clarence Officer (ECO) mind. As you intend to study in Germany but now thinking for UK. You really need a valid reason to explain to the ECO. Thanks.

  • Mahamoodally Javed
    August 4, 2015, 3:49 am Reply

    Hi, I am Javed from Mauritius. Concerning maintenance fund and course fee, do my parents also need to show that they have hold the required amount for 28 days. If I were to pay the hold tuition fee and accomodation cost will this appear on my CAS.
    Thanking you in anticipation.
    Mahamoodally Javed

  • Anil
    August 28, 2015, 11:13 am Reply

    I have completed my masters in engineering. I got offer from Cranfield university in MSC in management. I also attended personal interview and got slightly nervous there. I have a family business, which i am planning to join after my MSc in management. My visa rejected on two grounds

    a) The bank which i shown it is not recognised.?
    b) Immigration officer sayed i am not genuine student as why i am doing second master?

    First (a) can be fixed very easily but problem is (b) and also i need new CAS no from university.

    Now university says if you can satisfy immigration office saying you can reapply and satisfactorily give answer to their questions, we can give new CAS no. and advise me to make an appeal.

    I am totally confused. Please can anyone guide me.


  • iman
    October 25, 2015, 2:21 pm Reply

    Hi, I am from Pakistan,I m 18,I want to go to UK for 1 year course of English, which Kaplan is offering, my last qualification is matric, Kaplan college is giving me admission and they dnt require ielts as I m going to learn English, my question is that UK embassy requires ielts? Or just confirmed letter from UK college is enough to grant me visa, thanks, plus tell me website if this Kaplan college is in the list of highly trusted sponsor or not

    • admin
      November 14, 2015, 3:15 pm Reply

      Depends on what type of visa you are applying. If you are applying for Student Short Study visa to study English less than 9 months course then you don’t need IELTS.

  • Santhakimari
    November 12, 2015, 6:07 am Reply

    My student visa was rejected to UK last year.I am srilankan refugee staying in India.I am getting married to UK PR..Wil my visa be rejected again when he sponsor me through his..

  • Nagma
    December 21, 2015, 7:39 pm Reply

    Hai…I got 6 in ielts…will I get vissa ??
    Temme the vissa rate of acceptance

  • Huma
    July 4, 2016, 12:13 pm Reply

    My question is, you have mentioned in ur article that not tell them exact income of parents, if i don not tell them my parents income, how do they ECO estimate the fact that my parents can sponsor me for studies?
    I thought we need to show some proof like current bank account or something to show parents income level or business.. If not how do i show them that my parenta are able to support me

  • Merwyn Dsa
    July 12, 2016, 12:17 pm Reply

    Today I had my interview it went good according to me . I answered all questions and my language skills are good too .

    We’ll at the end, he asked me this:

    Interviewer:- so this is my final question. Did you hear me clearly (since it was a Skype interview) and did u understand all the questions I asked ?

    Me:- Yes, I did .

    Interviewer :- Thank you .

    Okay, so since he asked me this I am getting really scared . Was this a trick question or does this mean I did bad in the interview.?

  • vigneshwaran
    August 25, 2016, 3:31 am Reply

    My visa got refused as not genuine student. But iam truly a genuine student. Reason is I said after degree going to work as manager in hdfc. Visa officer did research in job site and said they only required ug courses in commerce and account.But to be a manager I like to study MBA banking and finance. How could they reject me with that reason.

  • Simran
    October 5, 2016, 11:29 am Reply

    Hi I am simrandeep Kaur from India . I got refusal for tier 4 general student visa .The reason of refusal is my financial documents are photocopies according to embassy .bt my financial documents are originals along with photocopies.can I apply again for tier4 student visa in the same university.????

  • Bidisha Paul
    October 30, 2016, 5:58 pm Reply

    I have an unconditional offer letter to the University of East Anglia and I will be paid by Erasmus Mundus towards tuition and living costs. However, the living cost per month is a little bit below the level required by the UKVI. Can I show the rest of the funds as bank statements?

  • Ajaiveer
    July 29, 2017, 5:27 pm Reply


    I had my visa interview yesterday,it went pretty well,I am a seafarer and have applied for tier 4 visa to study at South Tyneside college for deck officer of watch / HNC nautical science.
    I submitted all the documents including the CAS letter, my IELTS score is 7.5 overall.I was required to show 9135 pounds as my maintainence funds, I have shown around 13500 pounds.
    My doubt is while submitting the supporting documents of evidence for issuance of CAS,they required photocopies of my CDC,turns out at a couple of places the photocopies were lighter than usual and you could not read the details very clearly.
    Could this be the reason for my visa refusal or will they ask me to resubmit the photocopies again.
    Please reply ,I am very tense right now and nobody seems to have an answer to this.
    Thank you

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