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Challenging Times Ahead For International Students

The last few weeks of summer have brought revelations that will in turn bring about changes to the way international students study in the UK. Last month, London Metropolitan University were penalised and were revoked of their rights to grant student visas to non-EU nationals. According to the UK Border Agency, the penalty has been imposed as a result of the university’s failure to accurately monitor the attendance of international students studying at the university. It’s been reported that some 2000 non-EU students will need to seek sponsorship from another institution or risk deportation.


For some time now, students from foreign countries have been under increased scrutiny when applying to study abroad. Pakistan, India and Burma are some of the main countries who have come under increased examination. The UKBA are calling this a ‘credibility test’ and it includes face to face interviews where the interviewee is not only expected to be English literate; they are also expected to be competent speakers of the language. Following the high-profile news involving London Metropolitan University, it’s expected that all institutions throughout the country that are able to grant international visas will be stepping up there screening process before approving foreign study, in a move to prevent them suffering at the hands of the UKBA.

So what does this mean for international students hoping to study abroad in the future? In reality, the best solution is thorough preparation. Students that hope to earn a degree from the UK must get started early. Learning to speak English well could be just the key to making it through the vetting process before a student visa is granted. They should also make sure they have completed one of the necessary English exams that are available from organisations like Pearson PTE. It’s likely that competition for places at institutions in the UK will become more competitive over the coming years due to increased vetting, coupled with an increase in the standard of application. A hopeful student would be well served to meet the requirements by exceeding the Tier 4 student visa baseline standard; something that would also make their experience studying all the more pleasurable.

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