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University of Bedfordshire international student recruitment resumes

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Bedfordshire University held international students recruitment due to Home office visa fraud investigation. Today Bedfordshire Uni announced they can reinstate [...]

Finance your education to enhance your employability at EThames Graduate School


EThames Graduate School is an independent private education provider in London. EThames is offering publicly funded courses to the British [...]

Overseas Student recruitment held at University of Sunderland London Campus

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Last week a shocking news published by Times Higher Education regarding Sunderland London campus status. In my opinion the heading was [...]

Rumours are always rumours – LCA Business School operating as usual


Dear reader our headline gives you a clear picture before you start reading this article we believe. Rumor says LCA [...]

Northumbria University opening London Campus

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Like many others Northumbria University opening another campus in the heart of UK's financial capital London in 2014. QA Higher [...]

ABI College in a partnership with University of St Mark and St John


ABI College and University of St Mark & St John in a partnership to recruit international students in London and [...]