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Bucks New University Tier 4 sponsor licence suspended

Buckinghamshire New University Tier 4 highly trusted sponsor licence suspended on 9 March 2015 by Home office. This is an another blow by the Home office to suspend universities. We’ve seen previously University of West London, London Metropolitan University, Glyndwr University and Bedfordshire University Tier 4 licence suspended by the Home office. University Tier 4 licence suspension has become a regular habit for Home office. Also students are nowadays very flexible with these suspension fear. What we mean is they are also educating themselves what to do or what not to do during the suspension period.

Unless you are new (new international students in UK) with the Tier 4 suspension systems we would like to remind you stay cool during the suspension. You will be fine to study and work when the Tier 4 Highly Trusted Sponsor licence in suspension.

However Home office have done excellent job this time with the suspension guide. Learn what you should do if you are a existing Tier 4 international students or issued a CAS for Tier 4 General student visa or a Tier 2 work permit holder.

Remember Buckinghamshire New University Tier 4 Highly Trusted sponsor licence suspended so until further resolution of this situation university can’t sponsor anymore international students. Any CAS or COS issued will be withdrawn or further advice will be given by the university.

If you have questions about how this affects you, please comments below. Alternatively call the UKVI contact centre on 0300 123 2241 or contact the university’s student support team.

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  • Zara
    March 10, 2015, 5:56 pm Reply

    Dear Admin

    Thanks for the news. But in the UKVI website Tier 4 registered sponsor lists Bucks New University still in the list. Why is that?

    But if you go to home office website the link you given thats correct information. A bit confused!!!

    • admin
      March 11, 2015, 6:32 pm Reply

      We know. But wait we guess Home office updating the lists. Soon it will be off listed. Thanks.

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