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Breaking news: Williams College revoked and few other HTS college suspended

The news is breaking but not good for existing students of Williams College. As the college revoked permanently last week and many students now suffering. Williams college was very keen to provide well education to the international audience but UKBA must found some allegations and inconsistency in the system and that is why its suspended on 7th April 2014.

Many students of Williams college has been told by the officials the college now permanently revoked and to look for a new sponsor. Obviously this is a bad news and hustle for them as all the student need to do everything such as doing English test, maintaining personal statement, new Tier 4 sponsor and also at some stage they need to show academic sponsor licence.

Not only Williams College London Tier licence revoked but also many other colleges licence suspended or legacy. Here’s a few list of the college and their status.

List of recent Tier 4 revoked and suspended college list 2014.

  • Williams college London (Tier 4 Licence revoked)
  • Swarthmore College London (Tier 4 licence suspended)
  • Lea Valley College (Tier 4 licence suspended)
  • Access College London (Legacy)
  • Bishopthrow College (Legacy)
  • London College of Advantage Studies (Legacy)
  • College of Excellence Limited (Legacy)
  • Eternity College Ltd (Legacy)
  • London West Valley College (Tier 4 licence Revoked on 03 April 2014)
  • Future Training College (Legacy)
  • Greys college Ltd (Legacy)
  • London Educators Ltd (Legacy)
  • London Learning Center (Legacy A)
  • North London College (Legacy)
  • Select International college (Legacy)
  • Trinity College Ltd (Legacy)
  • Cromwell College of IT & Management (Revoked)
  • Westlink College (Revoked on 13 May 2014)


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  • Sandy
    June 27, 2014, 9:29 pm Reply

    Williams has been known as a dodgy ‘visa college’ for a long time. Anybody who attends that place is immediately under suspicion of attempting to bypass Britain’s immigration laws. Best avoid it in the future.

  • Lin hue
    August 13, 2014, 10:14 am Reply

    Williams college has always been scamming students. Bad administration, lots of racism. Give them money and you get what you want, whether its attendance or even fake certificates

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