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A Guide to Student Living Costs in London

London has a reputation for being a pretty pricy city to live in, but it was actually recently voted the most cost-effective city in the UK for students. The availability of part-time jobs and cheap flats to rent in London make it a little easier to make ends meet here than most students expect, but there are a couple of things you can do to keep your living costs to a minimum so you can put the excess towards having a good time.

London is particularly free with student discounts – by keeping your eyes peeled for these you can stand to save a lot of money. Transport is an area it particularly pays to be clever about as you can stand to save up to 33% on travel costs.

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Although London is fit to burst with tempting restaurants and delectable pub grub, if you’re on a tight budget eating out should be avoided except on special occasions. London’s restaurants are brilliant, but the tabs can run a little high – if you must dine out, explore pubs and taverns near your university or college which often have special deals for students.

Keep your eyes open for free events if you want to have a blast without the price tag. Sites such as London’s Free list thousands of lectures, shows, seminars and concerts that you can attend at absolutely no cost to you. London’s less tourist heavy historic spots also offer entertainment without emptying your bank account.

Before you settle on somewhere to live, make sure you always do your research. Rents can be cheap in London, but they can vary wildly from area to area and even street to street. Estate agents in London can usually give you a good idea of how much it will cost to rent in the area you have your eye on and classifieds can be a God send if you’re looking for cheap shared accommodation.

Living in London doesn’t have to be costly – just use the intelligence that got you that place at university in the first place and you’ll be on your way to thrifty student living.

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