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210 Tier 4 Highly Trusted Sponsor suspended or revoked in 2013

Since 10th December 2012 to 24th December 2013 total 210 Tier 4 registered sponsored lost their licence from UKBA. Till 24 December 2013 total 1,706 Tier 4 registered sponsored licence listed in the UK Home office website. A year back it was total 1,916 registered sponsor including Highly Trusted Sponsor, ‘A’ rated sponsor and ‘Legacy’ rated sponsor. In the list of revoked or suspension majority of them is private college and couple of Government funded college and University was also in the list.

Two Big Name: London Metropolitan University and Barking & Dagenham College has been revoked in 2013. These two government institute was shock to the international students when it went out of the Tier 4 registered sponsored list. In last couple of years private colleges in UK completely lost their trust to the international students and then students are about to turn in publicly funded institute but sudden closure of London Met has huge impact in their trust. Later this year Barking and Dagenham College. This two name is huge shock to the international students now. Students even cann’t trust in University or public funded higher education institutes (HEI). They are always in fear who knows when their college goes down.

I assume in every college there was at least average 50 students were studying in each institute. So if 210 revoked college the number of student is 10,500 who has been affected.

Frustrated Students: At least 10,500 student has been affected due to their college/university Tier 4 licence suspended in 2013 only. They needed to find another new Tier 4 sponsor and again visa application. Of course they should have very frustrated. I know personally know many students they are struggling to deal this sort of situation. Studying abroad and handling all of these is really unexpected to the international students. Especially financially they are stuck. Every Time student need to pay new visa fees, tuition fees when their sponsor licence revoked.

Identifying a proper genuine Highly Trusted College is a tough job because by name its only highly trusted. Most of the Tier 4 HTS College is full of scam. You always check Tier 4 college list from UKBA’s website before you take any admission at any institute.

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